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Jace Studios Inc. is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination, bullying, and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully and have equal opportunities. 


The Canadian Human Rights Act protects all employees, students, and clients. Under this act, every person has the right to be free from harassment, bullying, and discrimination. Harassment, discrimination, and bullying will not be tolerated, condoned, or ignored at Jace Studios Inc. 


Anyone who is found to have harassed another individual may be subject to disciplinary action. This includes any employee, contractor, or students who: interferes with the resolution of a harassment complaint; retaliates against an individual for filing a harassment complaint; or files an unfounded harassment complaint intended to cause harm. 


Jace Studios Inc. is committed to a comprehensive strategy to address harassment, bullying, and discrimination, including: 

  • Providing training and education to make sure everyone knows their rights and responsibilities

  • Regularly monitoring organizational systems for barriers relating to Act grounds

  • Providing an effective and fair complaints procedure

  • Promoting appropriate standards of conduct at all times 


The following behaviour is prohibited: 


Discrimination: means any form of unequal treatment based on the Canadian Human Rights Act ground, whether imposing extra burdens or denying benefits. It may be intentional or unintentional. It may involve direct actions that are discriminatory on their face, or it may involve rules, practices or procedures that appear neutral, but disadvantage certain groups of people. Discrimination may take obvious forms, or it may happen in very subtle ways. Even if there are many factors affecting a decision or action, if discrimination is one factor, that is a violation of this policy.

Harassment: means a course of comments or actions that are known, or ought reasonably to be known, to be unwelcome. It can involve words or actions that are known or should be known to be offensive, embarrassing, humiliating, demeaning or unwelcome, based on a ground of discrimination identified by this policy. Harassment can occur based on any of the grounds of discrimination.

Examples of harassment include:

  • Epithets, remarks, jokes or innuendos related to a person’s race, gender identity, gender expression, sex, disability, sexual orientation, creed, age, or any other ground

  • Posting or circulating offensive pictures, graffiti or materials, whether in print form or via e-mail or other electronic means

  • Singling out a person for humiliating or demeaning “teasing” or jokes because they are a member of a Canadian Human Rights-protected group

  • Comments ridiculing a person because of characteristics that are related to a ground of discrimination. For example, this could include comments about a person’s dress, speech or other practices that may be related to their sex, race, gender identity or creed.

If a person does not explicitly object to harassing behaviour, or appears to be going along with it, this does not mean that the behaviour is okay. The behaviour could still be considered harassment under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Sexual and gender-based harassment: sexual harassment is a form of harassment that can include:

  • Gender-related comments about a person’s physical characteristics or mannerisms

  • Paternalism based on gender which a person feels undermines his or her self respect or position of responsibility

  • Unwelcome physical contact

  • Suggestive or offensive remarks or innuendoes about members of a specific gender

  • Propositions of physical intimacy

  • Gender-related verbal abuse, threats or taunting

  • Leering or inappropriate staring

  • Bragging about sexual prowess or questions or discussions about sexual activities

  • Offensive jokes or comments of a sexual nature about an employee or client

  • Rough and vulgar humour or language related to gender

  • Display of sexually offensive pictures, graffiti or other materials including through electronic means

  • Demands for dates or sexual favours.

Sexual Solicitation: this policy prohibits sexual solicitations or advances by any person who is in a position to grant or deny a benefit to the recipient of the solicitation or advance. This includes employees, contractors, as well as students where one person is in a position to grant or deny a benefit to the other. Reprisals for rejecting such advances or solicitations are also not allowed.

Poisoned environment: a poisoned environment is created by comments or conduct (including comments or conduct that are condoned or allowed to continue when brought to the attention of directors) that create a discriminatory environment. The comments or conduct need not be directed at a specific person, and may be from any person, regardless of position or status. A single comment or action, if sufficiently serious, may create a poisoned environment.

Responsibilities and Expectations


All person present in Jace Studios Inc. are expected to uphold and abide by this policy, by refraining from any of form of bullying, harassment, or discrimination, and by cooperating fully in any investigation of a harassment or discrimination complaint. 


Jace Studios Inc. Owner, Directors, and Staff have the additional responsibility to act immediately on observations or allegations of bullying, harassment, or discrimination. They are also responsible for creating and maintaining a bullying-, harassment- and discrimination-free environment, and should address potential problems before they become serious.


Procedures for resolving complaints 


Access to information and advice: Jace Studios Inc. has appointed Calvin Cruz and Czarina Esplana as Advisors, who will provide information about human rights and this policy and procedure to any person who is concerned about possible bullying, harassment, or discrimination within the organization. The advisor will not act as an advocate for any person and will NOT provide legal advice, and will maintain the confidentiality of communications with them, unless required to disclose information under a legal obligation. 


The provisions of this policy and procedure in no way affect the right of any person to exercise their rights under the Canadian Human Rights Act. 


Making a complaint: Complaint procedures may differentiate between “formal” and “informal” processes. Informal processes seek to resolve human rights issues without investigating or assessing the merits of the allegations (for example, by facilitating communication between the people involved). Even though an informal process is used, any complaint will be taken seriously and addressed by Jace Studios Inc. management. 


Complainants are encouraged to explain to the person who is harassing, bullying, or discriminating against them that the conduct is unwelcome, but are obliged to do so. Indeed each case is different. If addressing the person responsible could lead to an escalation of the harassment, bullying, or discrimination, or to safety risks, complainants should not be expected to have to directly interact with that person. If a complainant feels they can safely make it known to the person responsible that the behaviour is unwelcome, of course this may resolve the matter, or may help them later if they make a complaint. However, the complainant should never feel obliged to address their harasser against their better judgement. 


If the situation cannot be resolved by speaking to the person responsible, a complaint may be made by speaking to either: (1) the Team Director, (2) the Studio Owner, or (3) the Advisor(s). 


Where possible, the complaint should be made in writing, including details of: 

  • What happened – a description of the events or situation 

  • When it happened – dates and times of the events or incidents 

  • Where it happened 

  • Who saw it happen – the names of any witnesses, if any

  • The person receiving the complaint will notify the person(s) complained against (the respondent(s)) of the complaint and provide the respondent(s) with a copy of the written complaint.


Reprisal: Every person has a right to claim and enforce their right to an environment free of bullying, harassment, and discrimination. No person shall be negatively treated for bringing forward a complaint, providing information related to a complaint, or helping to resolve a complaint. It is a violation of Jace Studios Inc. policy to discipline or punish a person because they have brought forward a complaint, provided information related to a complaint, or otherwise been involved in the complaint resolution process. Reprisal may be the subject of a complaint under this procedure and persons engaging in reprisal are subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including termination of contract. 


Potential outcomes and communication: If the policy has been violated, the Advisor(s) and the management will determine the appropriate consequences for the person(s) who violated the policy. These may include: 

  • An apology, education and training, verbal or written reprimand, suspension, and/or termination of contract

  • The complainant and the respondent(s) will each be provided with a copy of the report, and with the decision regarding outcomes. 





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